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The Day I Made the Best Decision of My Life

Updated: Jan 1

Every year on December 10th, my husband gives me a bouquet of flowers to remind me of the day I told him "yes".

It has been 15 years now since I accepted my husband's proposal. Every December 10th since, he has brought me a bouquet of flowers. On our first engagement anniversary, I was surprised by the bouquet and couldn't remember what the occasion was. I still can't believe he remembered when I didn't. My husband has always been the biggest sweetheart.

I am thankful to my dear husband for choosing me and for being the best husband I could have asked for. He is the most wonderful father to our children as well. Sometimes I think my kids like their daddy more than they like me, but I've never minded. I would pick their daddy too. ;) He is the most patient guy with a fun sense of humor. He has been my rock through these years, and not once have we had an argument. A lot of people don't believe me when I tell them we have never argued, but I know my husband is the reason we have not. I am flawed, as everyone is (well, except for maybe my hubby), but when I have someone like him to help me when I am having a hard time (or when I'm pregnant and forgot to take my vitamins), it's hard to stay upset. I love him more than I could ever express in writing, and I thank God for bringing us together. I look forward to many more December 10ths.

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