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Searching for a Sign

When I felt the urge to work on my current WIP, I questioned if I should start another novel at this time. I already have three novels finished and delivered to my agent, and we’re still querying publishers. As much as I love writing, I’m a busy mother of ten. I also work part-time at my parents’ business and run my own photography business. Writing a novel is a huge time commitment. I wondered if that time was best spent on other things. Still, I felt the urge to write my next story. I prayed and asked God if it was His will that I continue. While completing my first three novels, things happened that showed me my stories should be written. Sometimes it would be an impression or the fact a particular subject I was writing about was also the subject a speaker addressed at a conference. Sometimes I’d turn on my favorite Christian radio station just as the exact line I needed to hear played. The signs continued to happen to the point I couldn’t ignore it. With this fourth novel, I received none of those signs. I prayed for one and opened the Bible at random to this verse:

“For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom” (1 Corinthians 1:22).

In this particular verse, Paul the apostle teaches that requiring a sign was a stumbling block for the jews. I felt thoroughly chastised. Were my signs in the beginning of my author journey not enough? Was my urge to write my next story not enough? I felt that pull toward my next story even without a clear sign.

I didn’t need further prompting. I went to my notes for my current WIP and discovered it was more complete than I’d thought. It didn’t take me long to construct it into a first draft. The Lord opened up my time in other areas, making it possible for me to further revise. Now, I’m well on my way to having my newest novel ready for my editor this fall. I still don’t know when I will publish or who I will publish with, but when the Lord places something in your heart, you do it.

And you don’t always need a sign.


P.S. If you love the Victorian era, tropical islands, hidden identities, forced proximity, wholesome romance, royal betrothals, and natural faith themes, then you’ll love my current WIP! Subscribe to my newsletter for publishing updates. When I have news, subscribers will be the first to know.

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