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Best Flat Tire Ever

Updated: Apr 25

Yesterday, I found myself stuck at home thanks to a flat tire. I discovered it in time to find other rides for my kids to and from school, but I was unable to go to work. I stayed home with my babies instead. I worked on what I can hardly keep away from—my book. My focus lately has been on marketing, but yesterday, I had the strongest urge to send more query letters. The last agent who responded gave me some incredible feedback and also pointed out a couple of things that could make the plot better. I spent the morning perfecting my query using tips that agent had given me. During my baby’s and toddler’s nap yesterday afternoon, I had uninterrupted time to write my letter. I got another full manuscript request within an hour of sending the query.

My tires were already in need of replacement, and the timing could not have been better with the approaching weekend. When my husband arrived home yesterday, he helped me replace my tires with ones that’ll do well in the snow. I had meant to do that anyway but never got around to it. I feel like that flat tire was partly God preventing me from being stuck in another snowstorm like what happened last winter, and the full manuscript request was a very pleasant bonus to the situation.

I’ve learned while querying that the process takes a while and to not have my heart set on any specific outcome. I don’t know where this query will take me, but I have hope for the future.

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